Monday, December 27, 2004

Pictures from Sashi's Wedding

Group picture. - This picture is really worth a lot

Left To Right: Nikhil, Vivek, Gypsy, Amit, Ashish, Pritesh, Tannu (aka Toni), Sashi (aka Cow), Priya, Nidhi, Sandeep, Kunal ( aka Ganga), Vishal, Abhi ( aka Jon McLane), Kunal ( aka KS ), Jitu, Jish.


Anonymous said...

ashish here...

pic looks good.. but just one thing about this image and all others.. this camera that you have is capable of much more.. maybe when u see it in the camera with the zoom u think the quality is good, but u can get 4 times this quality on this camera.. use the maximum resolution.. or use various combinations till u find one that gives u the best sharpest pictures..

gimme a shout if u need some assistance..


Vivek said...

The actualy image is 2048(width), but I am only able to publish 1024 images on using this blog site.
I can send you the actualy image which is much more clear.

Anonymous said...

ok cool mail to: not all pics, only ones in which im present!