Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hot deplyment in WL8.1

I have been working on setting my development env for hot deployment into WL81 for a couple of days. At times I have stopped looking aroung and just bounce the server to get the work done rather than spending my time searching through all the docs and books.

Finally today I solved the problem with a little help from my friends at work. I was very happy about it since now I could make changes to the DAO and EJBs without bouncing the server.( bouncing the server too is not a major problem since I am using WinKey and Ctr-Win-2, starts the server, Win-2 shows the console).

I was just going to write about how I went about solving the problem of hot deployment, when I googled for the same on WL and someone else had the similar problem and posted it on Javaranch ( I wonder how I missed that while googling stuff at work ???). So I decided to write back to his post describing what I did.

Here is that post

Friday, October 29, 2004

Some good books on Finance

Financial Institutions and Markets, Second Edition
by Meir Kohn

Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade and Position Management
by Michael Simmons ISBN:0471497584
John Wiley & Sons (UK) © 2002 (464 pages)

I think I will be getting them over the weekend, I guess I have to read my existing books before I go into getting any of these.

I finally got the 1st book from bomaby for 1200Rs which is really cheap as compared to the price of the book in UK. I have been reading the book quite regularly in the night before sleeping since the time I have been in london.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Starting to use GoogleDesktop

I have actually started using GoogleDeskto, I generally use it for searching throuh emails, and it seems really usefull.
Since I get a lot of email(most of them being crap) but that tool is really usefull.

Accessing EJBs using local interfaces

I was having a problem accessing the local interface of an EJB, that have been deployed as separate jars. i.e 1st EJB is in a Jar file and it attempts to access a local interface in 2nd EJB in another jar deployed on Weblogic8.1

According to the spec local interface access works only for objects that lie within the same JVM but Weblogic container restricts it further to the same application (JAR, EAR) .

The local home interface— If the home interface of the bean extends from the interface javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome instead of the javax.ejb.EJBHome interface, the bean can be efficiently used by other objects residing within the same container. This interface offers bean life cycle methods similar to those of the remote home interface. The difference between the two is that when beans are created using this interface, no network connectivity is involved because both the requested and the requester exist within the same application, which significantly improves performance. This interface works in conjunction with the local interface. Remember that the specification talks about using local interfaces for objects that lie within the same JVM, but the WebLogic container restricts it further to the same application (that is, JAR, EAR, and so on) This is a direct consequence of the class loader scheme adopted by WebLogic Server, which basically uses objects within the same application only.

This has a lot to do with the way the class are loaded in Weblogic 8.1 and the classloader hierchy in Weblogic 8.1, see the docs here

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Planning to view the Eclipse tonight

I was just having a read through the news and there is a total lunar eclipse tonight, there wont be a total eclipse till 2007, so I am planning on seeing this one.
The only problem being that it is going to be really early in the moring 2;00am

More details here

Was very tired so I cancled the 2am alarm, moreover it was really very cloudy so I could not have see anything anyway(English weather)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Have to do a few things

I have to register with Sun Developer Program for Mobile Development and probally submit my mobile application.

I also have to have a look at this java application.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Virgin doesnt provide me with the curently playing song...

I was listening to a really nice song on Virgin Radio but I missed the name but there is not way of getting the currently playing song. :-(

Anyways about the song that I just heard .... I managed to get a few words ("Just a kiss on the lips" "she was shaking her hips") and I googled it.

Here is the Song : Cold Hard Bitch

Funny enough on Googling it I get a link too :

Cassini taking you to Titan

The other day I saw a serial on Cassini and its journey to saturs mooons

been following it some time now

Prince of Persia - Warrior Within

I finally got broadband on Sat morning, I have been waiting for this a really long time, and now that I have got it i feel really stupid thinking about they way I was getting upset about not having internet and broadband.
Nevermind all that crap...

I downloaded some videos of Prince of Persia - Warrior Within and it was really great, I am really waiting for the game.
I tried searching for the demo of the name and I found it, but the site from which I was downloading it only allowed 24k bandwidth so the entire downloading process took about 4hr on an average.

Well I played the game and it took me a while to actually use the so called advanced fighting system ( like using the E key when going to an enemy).

Here is what I thought about the demo version
1. There were many clipping issues.
2. There is nothing great about the game AI it is the same as for Sands of Time.
3. Some of the Fighting moves I happen to use them but I dont know how I managed them ?? It is like it just happens.
4. I dont know if the demo is just like you keep fighting on the ship till you get fedup and quite or is there like a boss that you have to fight ?

The story line of the game seems really good, since it is like a follow up from Sands of Time and it contains a lot of time travel, so that should be cool.

I particularly like the end of 'Sands of Time' - I think I should install that game again.
Mmmm is there a way that I can see all the movies in Sands of Time so that it is something like a movie ?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nice Page Transitions

This site has some nice page Transitions that can be added, I got the idea looking up someone elses blog site.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Google Desktop Search

This is something new that I tired out the other day, it takes a while to get the data indexed but it works quite well.

The application is great but there are a few things that I dont like about it.
1. I dont like the idea that it is a web based search and it creates a server on your local machine, Is'nt that some kind of security hole?, I can like connect to any machine on the internet that has google desktop runing and searhcing data in their local machine. I am quite sure that it is not possible but I dont mind actually testing that.

2. Web based interface - It is like a desktop seaching Engg but it has a web based interface, I am not too fussed about this but then too I feel it is kinda diff. It would be great if they has integrated it with Google Deskbar, actually there is not much of intergration it is as easy as adding a new Customized Search on Google Deskbar.

3. What I really hate about the application is the fact that it creates really huge Index files in my home dir (i.e C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search') I am not bothered by the size of the index file but I cannot configure Google Desktop Search to move the files to a different location. Since I have just allocated 4Gb for my C partition, and this partition does only contain the OS and a few programs that refuse to instally anywhere else, but as of now I dont have more than 700MB left. This is actually my fault since I should have allocated at least 15GB for the Windows partitions.

I was just having a search around for google desktop and I found some really interesting stuff, like this guys site :

This person mentions something about looking the reg for changing the google data file, so I had a search through the reg and here is what I came up with.
I guess I just have to change the value for the key : data_dir and it should be fine (hopefully)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop]
"install_dir"="C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Google Desktop Search\\"
"data_dir"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\xxxxxxx\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Google\\Google Desktop Search"

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Too much of nothing

LowFive - Too Much of Nothing Watch it Free at Alternative-c

Damm good song and a really nice video.

Too much of nothing, is never enough

Too much of nothing means you wanted somemore

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wanadoo doesn't allow port 25 (smtp) out

Since I am waiting for my broadband connection I have I signed up for wanadoo dial up internet connection, I have also noticed that I am not able to send outgoing smtp email (using my paid yahoo account) I was hitting my head against the wall and cursing Yahoo since the main reson that I went in for yahoo plus ! paid account was so that I could get pop and smtp access to it (and ofcourse 2GB space - leave messages on server forever option). After running a few tests with other pop services like softhome I realized that the problem was at a higher lever and probally nothing to do with yahoo.smtp. So I went through my firewall setting just to see if it is blocking outgoing smtp - the firewalls setting were perfectly fine.
Next step was to packet sniff all the outgoing smtp packets, then I realized that I am not getting any response back from either yahoo or softhome, now I know softhome is not like the worlds best pop/smtp provider - they do have a problems at times.

Finaly I tired sending an email using wanadoo smtp and it worked, that is when I realized that it problem may not be with yahoo or softhome, rather the ISP ( wanadoo) dosent allow me to smtp out going to any other server other than itself , which is really crappy. I know never had the problem with virgin broadband. This is when I started googling to find out if this was a well know problem or rahter any one else had faced the same problem...and guess what ...Wanadoo not allowing port 25 out |some one else has the same problem.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

EJB Client callbacks

I was looking to EJB Client callbacks, so what you can have is a Client send a remote object to the server and whenever the server changes it just calles the callback method on the clients remote interface.

I still have to see how this can be implemented by adding multiple client listeners to the EJB?

More details over here Search for 'EJB to client callbacks'

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Taskbar for a multimonitor application

Windows has this nice feature of allowing you to add multiple monitor and it work great. Only problem being there is only a single taskbar on the primary monitor and noting at all on the other monitors.
This application solves the problem.

disabling 'Synchronizing with external changes' in TogetherSoft

I have set up Togersoft to work with the project code, which is really good since it makes it easy for me to analyse and understand the internal working of the code.
The only problem being that whenever I switch task to TogetherSoft, it does its stuff of 'Synchronizing with external changes' and that takes about 30sec ( since the project is big ) most of the time I have not changed the code externally I am just switching between applications.
I have searched through all the setting is TogetherSoft but I am not able to find the setting that would disable this automatic 'Synchronizing with external changes' when ever I switch task.

Posted it on Javaranch

Actually using the WinKey Application

The WinKey application is realy great since there is a lot that you can do with this stupid Windows Key, which has been provided but windows has not yet made any special use of it in many of its versios.
Actually utilities like winkey should be supplied as a part of windows os and not as a seperate add on.
Moreover since I dont use the Windows Key for stuff other 'Show Desktop' and opening windows explorer, so it will take me a little time to get used to it.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Supposed to a nice program for adding some nice short cuts to the windows keys, so it should be good since I want to get rid of the quick launch toolbar on my desk top and add someting usefull overthere like the google toolbar or something like that at least I have some free space. Let me see how much I am going to actually use it ?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wooo Hooo ...Google deskbar

This is something really very good from google

I have just installed it and it super cool, ofcourse I need to remember all the shortcuts so that it can cut down on the number of clicks and the time taken to search for something

it is a super cool application, I can have browse through the net without having the stupid IE opening up all the time, moreover I also can keep the window open and carry on working in another application.

I guess I should betting my faster PC in office and also a dual monitor so I guess it will be even more usefull.

When will i see JB2005

Since the time I read in the news that Borland is going to come up with JBuilder 2005, I have been really waiting for an Enterprise Trial for the same, I check the borland site practically every day for it.

Borland finally added the download for JB2K5 and it seems really cool, since I dont have broadband connection with me I asked Hermit to download it for me. I installed the application on my home machine but I dont get much time at home for any programming. I dont even get much time in office to try out all this stuff.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The article that I wrote

I wrote this article about load balancing web application and it got published on

Load Balancing Web Applications