Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Access number for making international calls from your mobile (UK) - thanks to Rohit S

one of the sites provide free access number for vodaphone.

Finally got EclipseTrader source code compile and working off Callisto

I finally managed to get the eclipsetrader 0.24 source code to work in eclipse - callisto. First I had such a problem setting up callisto, I managed to get the base but i just couldnt download all the other plugins and stuff that was really bad.
Then I just coudlnt run the eclipse plugin, it just would not run, it kept saying that it couldnt get application id, i had a look at the config and that application id did match, then I realized that certain plugins were not included when running the application -- Eclispe can be a pain at times.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Understanding classloaders in Eclipse

EclipseZone - Eclipse - a tale of two VMs (and many classloaders)


Eclipse RCP Meets Spring: A Perfect Thick-Client Match

This article is really a must read. I have been looking into the viability of eclipse RCP and then Spring RCP came along, this is like the best match.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

::O R S O N::

Excellent album 'Bright Idea'. It is pure rock, it is something that you listen a couple of times and really like, It is something that you can just listen at 23:24 and totaly forget everything.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why wont I commit

Quite an interesting read about what girls do wrong in the whole dating arena. For a change some one is talking about it from a guys POV.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Foot- Video View

Excellent Footy video


Leet(1337) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is an interesting language


and at Also look into how you can learn to read that language

Lifeblog post

Lifeblog post
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Lifeblog post

Lifeblog post
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Lifeblog post

Lifeblog post
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Star Trek Sound FX and Theme Music -

I was looking for Star Trek Sounds, and this site all the stuff that I was looking for.


Mobile Google Maps with Location information

The latest phone support JSP-179 (Java Location API for mobile phones), using this java API you can get location information. I was wonder with the launch of Google maps for mobile phones (i.e. Goolge Maps as an MIDP Application that runs on your mobile phone). I was wondering if it can be modified so that it uses the Location API to get your current location information.

This guy has some idea about something similar but he using an external GPS receiver. This bluetooth receiver picks up GPS infromation and transmittes it to the mobile phone through bluetooth and phone displays the maps and other information.

I tried searching for the gmaps MIDP application source code and I found a link in one of the forums

Nokia Life blogging into flickr

Nokia provides Lifeblog, but I didnt want to upload the pictures that I take on my phone into lifeblog. Here is a way to configure lifeblog mobile application to blog to flickr.

Trial mobile post

Trial mobile post
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Java API supported by N80

Nokia N80 suports the following Java APIs
  • CLDC 1.1

  • Mobile Media API (JSR-135)

  • Web Services API (JSR-172)

  • Security and Trust Services API (JSR-177)

  • Location API (JSR-179)

  • SIP API (JSR-180)

  • Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184)

  • JTWI (JSR-185)

  • Wireless Messaging API (JSR-205)

  • Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API (JSR-226)

  • FileConnection and PIM API (JSR-75)

  • Bluetooth API (JSR-82)

  • MIDP 2.0

  • Nokia UI API

Detailed specifications for Nokia N80 can be found here

Monday, June 12, 2006

N80 supports Location API (JSP - 179)

I was looking for a phone that supports Location API and about a year back I was fixed on N91, today I happed to see N91 along with N80 and trust me N91 is huge and bulky phone a better option is N80 and the best part is that also supports Location API

Phone upgrade hell

Looking to upgrade to N91 and trust me it is a real hell calling uping the service provider and haggling with them about the correct price and the monthly deal and duration etc.

And before calling them up I have to spend time doing all the price research into the phone deals etc,
Here is what Vodafone is charging me after being a customer for 2 years and not asking for an upgrade (yes I didnt ask for one - totaly stupid)
Phone Charge: 160£

Monthly Rental : 36£
Talk Minutes: 200 X network with stop the clock (Stop the Clock - Any calls made on the evening and weekend are capped at 3mins even if you make a single call that is > 3 min)
Texts : 100

I would also get 2 months free line rental which make the phone cost around 88£

After having a talk with them I decided not to go in for it, since I think when I did some research over the weekend I got a few other sites where I could get it much cheaper.
This site has a good comparison for N91 and the different deals avaliable.

I think I am go in for Dial a phone
O2 -
Minutes: 200 X network anytime
Text: 100
Monthly Charge:30£
Phone Charge: 19£
And 6 months free 1/2 price line rental.

If i do switch to o2 I guess I have to get the pac code from Vodaphone and cancle my contract and move my phone number over and do all the other mess.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ink Blogging : Handwriting Posts on Your Blog

Ink blogging seems to be new thing, but from the initial skimm through the article it seems that you need a Tablet PC software for doing it. Well I guess you do need an electronic pen for it.

Quick Online Tips � Ink Blogging : Handwriting Posts on Your Blog