Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Regularly visiting the forums

The number of times that I am facing a some technical problames or other and I have searched for any possible solution on the net. I was just thkning about the number of times that I have actually gone through a forum and helped someone out or provided solutions, it is probally just a handfull of times.

There are multiple reason for that, it could be possible that I am definately not smart enough to provide any kind of help or I dont take the time and the interest in posting someting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Remotedesktop through Proxy Server

I am wondering if I can remote desktop through a proxy server? Rather where do I specify the proxy configuration in the 'Remote Desktop Connection' client application.

I was just reading through an article on using Remote Desktop Connection through a proxy server and this dude tells me that if either the client or the server if behind the firewall and the port 3389 is not open the connection is not going work -- this is realy crap.
I guess I will have keep searching to find some indy software that can do the job.

Monday, September 20, 2004

New ideas for mobile applications

This is some idea that I have come up with, which would be realy nice for a mobile application. Since I havent thought about a name for it I am just going to describe the features that I am going to include in it, and how I came up with those features.

5 day Weather information: Since I am living in london the weather is total unpredictable and basicly shite, if you dont watch the weather report you end up wearing a jacket when it is warm and just a shirt when it is cold. Moreover there are other problems like it rains without any kind of warning.

I am working in london city so I depend on the tube and the DLR to travel into london alternatively I can take the bus to work (which I have never done uptill now). There are days when a certain tube line are down or running late, now if it is one of the lines that I am using then I need to be informed about those delays before hand so I can probally leave early or take the bus or someting on those lines.

DLR schedule: The DLR web site provides information about the trains arriving at a particular selected station, I would like that information to be visible on the phone.

I would require the 5 day weather forecast and the tube delay information to be pushed into my phone every day in the morning rather than manually clicking on receive and wait for the information to be received. I can just schedue it to run at say 7am.

As for the DLR schedule I would rather manually execute that to give me information about a particular tube station.

Now the question how do I go about getting all this done.
Weather information: I generaelly have a look at weather information at so I would prefer if bbc would provide some sort of XML based request repsonse providing me with XML response consisting of the 5 day weather forecast.
As for the tube delays I generally listen to radio and then I come to know about the delay but I gues there should be something on their site that also provides some live information about it.

DLR live information is avaliable over here.

I think I have some kind of scheduling feature in MIDP2.0 where in I can schedule an MIDP Application to run to run at a particular time of the day.

Well, all this is something that has just come into my head on a monday morning but I really have to get and down and put my head and my determination into developing something, and comming up with a plausable design.


Some update on getting live tube updates, on the Tube Site there is an applet that retrives live Service Update Messages from the the server, I deompiled the class file and found out that it gets it live feed from this URL
At times this page may not return anything since there is no disruption (ya that actually happens).

Friday, September 17, 2004

Copying latest file from a dir using ANT

I was using ANT to create the entire migration process, part of this process involves copying the latest jar from a location into my location machine and unjaring it. But I am not able to locate an ant task that picks up the latest file from a dir and copys it to the local machine.

I am not able to the latest file from a dir using ant??

It seems quite difficut since ant is a very low level build tool and doenst actually do anything much, rather it doest do the stuff that I want it to do.

Here is what I want.

1. Clean the local classes dir (done)
2. Clean the k drive classes dir (done)
3. Pick up the latest prod jar file and copy to local k drive ( this is not possible since there doesnt seem to be a method on ant that I can use to pick up the last modified file from a dir )
4. Unjar the file.

All the above steps will just get me that latest files
Next I need to do that following in a sort of loop

1. Prompt for Package Name that I would like to migrate (manual entry)
2. Clean the corresponding folder in the k drive classes
3. Check out the head from cvs into the dev/src
4. Get the log for build.xml from the current package, this will display all the tags etc.
5. Prompt to enter the tag to update too
6. Incase of differences display and pause. So that the user can open another window and solve the problem and then reexecute step 5.
7. Call a target from the build file for clean compile

After having a look around I realized that I cannot all this stuff using ANT I needed some kind of scripting tool like UNIX shell script, I had a talk with Hermit Dave and asked him if he had any information of a scripting tool in windows and he suggested that I use 'Windows Scripting Host', rit now I am having a look at and it seems that I can achive what I want using 'Windows Scripting Host'

Hmm tried using windows scripting host, I guess a lot can be achieved by this method raher than ANT but I am not that good at WSH so I think I am not using the correct ActiveX object to get the job done, anyways I have some work now (real work) so I am getting back to that untill the next release where I again feel that I should have done someting about automating the migration process.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Migrating to Outlook express

I was just using outlook to store all the address and then I was thinking that I would like to migrate all my Palm Address data from Palm Desktop to Outlook since it seems to be more effective and I think using that I can also interface with my phone.

No Land line

I have shifted to this new appartment in london (zone 2) and I dont have a phone line, rahter I should say that I cant get a phone line. I asked for the BT phone line transfer from my old address ( which is about 2 stops away) to this new appartment, sicne this is a new development BT has told me that they cannot give me a line since they have to do some digging work. This is what they have been telling me since 1st Sep and then they call up on the 7th Sep and tell me that they have to go over a bus route and so the counsil has sanctioned them 1Oct as a date for digging over the bus route, so I guess I wont get a phone line till the 10th Oct , provided they dont hit into anyother problems, but just think about thi; living in central london and it is taking them about more than a month to just give me a line, it could me more than month too...we dont know.

This is realy crap, so I have decided to go into some wireless broadband, or something like that.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Adding google to blogger

This is something really interesting that I happend to find, I have still not tried it out but then it should be good here it is

Incase the url is dead here are its contents

if you want to add google search to your blog go to
to register and
for the code.