Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Interesting problem with InteliiJ regarding the CVS File View Window.

InteliJ has different windows like the CVS File View, Ant Build, Debug, Run etc all these windows are by default attached to the main InteliJ windows but they can be floated out as a sperate window. I did the same for the CVS File View window, since I have to monitors and wanna use up the space properly.

Today I somehow managed to get the Floating CVS File View window off the screen so that I can not longer see the top bar of the CVS FileView Windows when it is floated, I was quite irritated about it since I could not move the window about and I was kinda stuck with the location. The only option that I had was to disabling floating for the CVS File view window, that wasnt that good since I could not use the screen space properly.

So here is how I solved the problem.
Each project has a project file and this file is in xml format (which is realy good since I can read it and make a lot of sense of it), I had the project open and also had the project xml file open in the editor. Whenever I used to save the project in the InteliJ used to get a notification from the editor stating that the file has been updated by an external source ( InteliJ Project save ) and if I wanted to reload. Since this project file was really big I didnt want to go through the entire file to look for the XML tag that was realted to the CVS File View window. So here is what I did
1. Take a copy of the project file with the CVS File View attached to the main InteliJ window.
2. Float the CVS File View window ( in this case I cannot see the top bar of the CVS File View window ) and now save the project.

On diff'ing both the project files in dos I could locate the tag that had to be changed

window_info id="CVS File View" active="true" anchor="right" auto_hide="false" internal_type="sliding" type="floating " visible="true" weight="0.40048543" order="4" x="1442" y="-29" width="493" height="855"

As you can see above this tag has an attribute of y=-29 hence it was jumping off the screen.

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