Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New year party

I was asking Ashish, if he had any good plans for new years party. He suggested that instead of spending money on a new years party, use the same money and send it to the Tsunami relief fund. Now that is really a very good idea.

Later I was wondering that I would be missing out on a good party but then I thought it should be worth it.

Here is some information about Prime Ministers National Relief Fund


Ashish said...

good of u to post this up.. i was wondering whether to tell you about my intentions in the first place...

it would be good if you could ask ur UK friends to consider this as well.. i think a basic 10GBP contribution would do no harm to anyone, but it would make a difference down south...

my contribution should be on its way 2day or 2moro latest..

oh, by the way, i got myself a blog.. will send u a link asa i post something..

Ashish said...

hey vivek..

check this out.. im really impressed..

apparently british charities have managed to raise 15 million pounds for the tsunami victims.

it is said they raised 10m pounds overnight...

really really impressive.


Vivek said...

Comming to think of it, this is really a good idea.