Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mobile Application idea

I am thinking of writing a mobile application for Android, now for creating any application I could go down the route of reading through the Android Dev Guide and end up creating a simple application like notepad or something more complex like a home webcam viewer. The lack of an application idea makes researching into learning about the Android less motivating, as a result of which I give up reading through the Dev Guide half way through.
What I really need is an idea for a application, this application should be unique and it should have a wow factor, it should be something that no one has thought about and it should be generic so that more people can use it, rather than having something very specific to I want. Something on the lines of the mobile based web cam viewer application that I had thought and developed in June 2004.

In order to develop this idea I wanted to write down all the features provided by my Google Phone, but then I thought for developing idea I should start with all the features provided by the platform, but think out of box about the problem that I have solve without being constrained by the set of features provided by the phone.

Lets see how things go, I have to rush for a meeting now