Friday, July 17, 2009


Some web applications that I would like to see.

Adding notes to sections of a webpage.
I need a web application (with a firefox plugin) that allows me to add notes to sections of a web page. Something similar to selecting sections of a web page and highlighting it, similar to using a highlighter on a book and then writing some notes on the side. I tried searching for something similar on the net, but all that I could get was MyStickies, it allows me to add postit notes to the entire webpage and not to sections of a web page.

I would like to catalog all my sms on a web site, and view it along a timeline. Something like a central portal for my sms's, call history, social networking updates etc. I should be able to view it along a timeline or for each user. I still havent started to search for a site that would give me such a feature.

Finally found the site that I was looking for

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